Why Choose a Small Chicken Coop
Over a Larger One?

small chicken coop

The practice of using a small chicken coop rather than a larger one is growing in popularity. There are several reasons why this is happening. One reason is because smaller coops are better suited to today’s hectic, busy lifestyles.

My recommended guide for building a small chicken coop is Chicken Coop Guides.

The most frequently cited reason for having small chicken coops is because they are not as difficult to keep in a clean and sanitary condition. Once the chickens are out of a smaller coop, it can be cleaned in a shorter amount of time. After the coop has been washed down using a garden hose, there is little or no scrubbing required.

Cost is another factor behind the increasing popularity of smaller coops. They are less expensive to build as they require less lumber than larger coops in order to construct them.

Small chicken coops can be built in a day compared to the much longer time it takes to construct a standard sized coop. The area needed for ventilation is less and fewer pieces of hardware need to be installed.

Due to their size, smaller coops can be kept in almost any location, where permitted. Even a condominium with a “postage stamp” backyard has sufficient space to support the existence of a small chicken coop. If you construct a smaller chicken coop in one area of your yard then discover there is a problem with that particular location, it is much easier to move a smaller coop than a larger one.    

Small chicken coops are perfect for people who want to have chickens but don’t have the time or space for a larger coop. Apart from the fact that these scaled down versions of larger coops are easier to maintain and repair, they also make it easier for the owners to provide food and water to the chickens.

Small chicken coops are not a good option if you want to have more than four chickens. These coops are specifically designed for a maximum of five or six chickens. If you want to have chickens to make money from selling the eggs, you should choose a larger chicken coop.

Small chicken coops are not inferior versions of larger coops; they are simply scaled down versions of their larger counterparts. They are built with materials that are just as sturdy as larger coops and are designed to last just as long.

The smaller coops operate in much the same way as the larger ones. They provide shelter, a place to nest and safety from natural predators. If you have always wanted to have chickens but assumed that you’d have to stick with the larger coops, you now know that other options are available to you. Enjoy your chickens!

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